Company Profile
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Company Profile

Executive Summary

In a situation of developing economy and technological employment, there are opportunities of improvements. Improvements are needed in all aspects either individual or overall of organizations separately. Development can be done through different ways, and most importantly development can be done through advertising, consultancy, technology solution improvement, and training. In all era, for individuals and organizations to stay in the competitive edge of the market or to improve and gain more market share, they continuously need improvements in any of the mentioned criteria above. In Iraq, since it is yet not a fully developed market, there are a lot of demand that is not well-directed to its destines. The gap that we try to fill up in the market is basically in the advertisement, consultancy, technology solutions, and training. In this country, every individual needs improvement, internally and externally, so it can externally be executed through advertising, and internally can be implemented through consultancy, Technology solution, and training. The customers are in high demand for those services to be provided. Our firm is based on facilitating to quickly reach out to these customers in need and deliver them the necessary services. To do so, we work as a team of highly professionals who are aware of non-profit organizations and profit organizations internally and externally. These professionals are providing the best expected services by our customers.








Service Description

We offer a range of different Services through various aspects of the company’s needs. We try to cover as many services as exist and needed in Kurdistan Region, and then in other regions of Iraq.  These services are provided by professionals and well experienced people. The services we provide are as follow:



The second service that will be provided will be consultancy services; this can include the first service meaning marketing and advertising consultancies or some other consultancies. For instance, we will provide Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Financial Management, Internal Control, Production Operation Management, Technology Solutions including Website Development, Application Development, Content Creation, System Administration, Hosting, Data Entry. Network consultancy including Telecommunications, Backbone, and some other Consultancy like medical and sport consultancy.

Below is some detail of the services:


Information Management

    • Interactive Database
    • Dashboard
    • Health Information System
    • HR management systems


    • Policies & Procedures
    • Internal Control Policies
    • Chart of Account
    • Income Statement and Balance Sheet
    • Compliance
    • Financial Accounting System
    • Finance Lead time
    • Segregation of Duties


    • Logistic
    • Warehouse management
    • Asset Management
    • Procurement policies and procedures
    • Contract Specialist
    • Procurement Specialist
    • Procurement Lead time

Human Resources

    • Staff Handbook
    • Travel Polices
    • Per dime Policy
    • End of Service Policies and requirements
    • Organizational Chart


Training & Academy

The third service we are going to provide is training and academy. Training and academy include various training that can be used to improve both individual performance and organizational performance. Also, it can give the opportunities to those people who are unemployed to be hired by local and international companies. The trainings include Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Financial Management, Internal Control, Production Operation Management, Leadership, Business English, Languages(English, Arabic, Turkish, Persian and some others depending on the market assessments, Technology Solutions including Website Development, Application Development, Content Creation, System  Administration, Hosting ,  Data Entry .Network Trainings including Telecommunications, Backbone, and some other trainings.


Technology Solution Services

Technology Solution Services is diversified as well and it includes some different services that can be used to improve the service line of our company and improve the performance of other companies as well. Most of the services described below:


Web Development

Website development consists of two main parts which are Front-end development and back-end development.  In front-end development, we offer modern responsive website designs, in which recent JavaScript frameworks are used in the development process.  Applications developed with these frameworks are highly fast and interactive with a standard-based performance.  Back-end, however, uses SQL based data generator that stores, retrieve, backs up data in the most reliable and secure patterns.


Application Development

CRM, HR, archiving systems, business process facilitators, CMS, etc.  are the types of business applications that help businesses to move toward digital transformation.  With these applications business transform from a paper-based models to the modern data driven processes.  Our applications come with two main architectures, and the two are Cloud-based and on-premises architectures. In cloud-based models, data is stored on the cloud, and access to the data can be within and outside of an organization. On the other hand, on-premises architecture only allows the application to reside inside an organization.


Content Creation

Graphical designs and written contents are the most important parts of both websites and applications.  We provide these two services in the most modern manner that highly enhance the reputation of the services that we provide.


System Administration

Applications require modern, fast, and secure hosting environments to function.  We provide cloud-based hosting solutions.  We guarantee the up-time, functionality, and security of these hosting plans that highly affect business applications’ performance. Also, we register domains that allow websites to be accessible through desired domains.


Data Entry Specialist

Digital transformation process requires converting paper-based model into digital data-driven form.  This process is generally referred to as data entry.  We provide specialized skilled employees that fasten the transformation process in the most reliable and fast manner, in which business would be better ready for the process.